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NSW Dickens Society.


A Sydney-based literary society, devoted to all things Charles Dickens.

Next event: 2019 Christmas Lunch - 7th December 2019 TICKETS!

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Did you miss?

NSWDS on Radio: Check out Lucinda Hawksley’s (Author and Dickens’ great great great granddaughter) fabulous interview on Charles Dickens and the NSW Dickens Society Weekend by the Seaside with Glynn Greensmith on It's Just Not Cricket.

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About us

We are a literary society which aims to knit together, in a common bond of friendship, lovers of that great master of humour and pathos, Charles Dickens. The NSW Dickens Society is a branch of the International Dickens Fellowship.

We warmly welcome any visitors who would like to attend our meetings which are held in the Nangamay Room, City Tattersalls Club, 194 – 204 Pitt Street (near Market Street), Sydney.  Refreshments from 10am, meetings commence at 10.30am; $5 for members, $10 for non-members.

Our Books of the Year for 2019 are American Notes (1842) and Pictures from Italy (1846)


Upcoming Events


NSW Dickens Society Christmas Lunch @ Cello’s Restaurant, Castlereagh Boutique Hotel,4th Floor, 169 – 171 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

When: 12noon, Saturday, 7th December 2019
Where: Cello’s Restaurant, Castlereagh Boutique Hotel,
4th Floor, 169 – 171 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
Cost: $65 per head for members of NSW DS; $70 per head for non-members



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The Fun of Collecting Dickens

What kind of collector are you? ? Are you a completist or are you interested mainly in the highlights of Dickens? Are you motivated by pleasure or profit? Do you want to have fun or to collect with investment in mind? The field open to the would-be collector of Charles Dickens is enormous. There is a wealth of treasure to be found by the adventurous collector – plays, speeches, magazine articles, Association copies, ephemera, sets, Australian editions, illustrated editions, fakes and forgeries, to name but a few directions a collection might take. Louella Kerr discussed all these and more in her talk. Before Louella’s talk, Jane Fulton showcased her collection of Edith Russell Dickens dolls.