Upcoming Events

Nineteenth Century Journeys through America and Italy, a talk by Walter Mason

NSW Dickens Society Vice President and travel writer, Walter Mason, will examine what drove Dickens to travel, and the distinctively 19th century obsessions that shaped his itinerary while abroad.

When: 1st June 2019, 10.00am for a 10.30am start

Where: Nangamay Room, Level 2, City Tattersalls Club, 194 – 204 Pitt Street, Sydney.

How much: $5 for Members, $10 for Guests.


Upcoming 2019 General Meetings

10.00am for a 10.30am start @ Nangamay Room, Level 2, City Tattersalls Club, 194 – 204 Pitt Street, Sydney. $5 for Members, $10 for Guests.

3rd August 2019 - Prescription for Mr. Dickens, a talk by Dr. Vasudha Chandra

What ailed Charles Dickens, the man? What about some of his sickly and invalid characters? What medical conditions did they suffer from? This talk delves into such diagnostic dilemmas and explores some of the treatments used in Dickens’ time, including taking a holiday, which many Victorians believed to have health-giving benefits.

5th October 2019 - Charles Dickens and his American Reading Tour, a talk by Isabel Deeble

Social media creates celebrities overnight but Charles Dickens was arguably the first international celebrity over 150 years ago. He attracted fame particularly though his paid readings in the later part of his life, and especially during his second trip to America (1867/68). There was a rapturous public reception to the ‘British lion’. His dramatic readings, their staging and scripting were highly praised. He made a ‘multitude of new friends’, some of them eminent figures like himself. On his second tour he noted illuminating observations and experiences. We will explore this triumphal reading tour and the responses it drew from his audiences.

December 2019 - Christmas Lunch - date and location to be confirmed.